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  1. Please read how Justice for TEDD Handlers was formed and why. This will help you understand the scale of what happened.
  2. View the TEDD Disposal Statistics: Air Force Report vs. Reality. We are providing this due to the many errors and falsehoods found in the Air Force’s report.
  3. View the different pages of this website to learn even more details.
  4. Check out our YouTube page.
  5. Share this website and Facebook page, which features searches and stories for many of the military working dogs by their handlers.
  6. Contact your Congressional representatives.

We are still trying to make sure those responsible are held accountable. People involved in the adoptions who knew handlers would want their dogs took dogs for themselves or friends. Dogs were given away, which violates the Convenant Not to Sue form that was signed. Some dogs were appropriately transferred to other military locations, government agencies, and law enforcement, but we would still like to at least get updates on the dogs for their handlers. Ideally, we would appreciate the TEDD handlers to be considered for adoption when the dogs are retired.

In September 2016, the Air Force submitted a report to the House Armed Services Committee as mandated by the pending NDAA for 2017. In March 2017, we submitted a rebuttal to the Air Force report. A separate Department of Defense Inspector General’s Office assessment began in 2016 and is still underway. It will provide any recommended actions. These dogs are not getting any younger, and your help is needed.

Thank you!

Betsy Hampton
Founder, Justice for TEDD Handlers


Adoption Paperwork for 90 Soldiers “Deleted”

Last week, we received over 140 responses to a FOIA request for emails to/from US Army Office of the Provost Marshal General staff regarding the TEDD adoptions. This particular February 2016 email refers to the House Armed Service Committee inquiry. The sender states, “What I have been told is that the coordinating entity for adoption paperwork ‘deleted applications from T.E.D.D. handlers’ because they weren’t familiar with the TEDD program and thought it was a false application. I have been told there may be upwards of 90 soldiers affected by this error.”

Adoption Paperwork Deleted

We knew many TEDD handlers had submitted adoption paperwork. They told us in great detail of the steps they took to make sure the paperwork was submitted. They were lied to and ignored. No one could call the prospective adopter if unsure if the application was valid?

The Air Force TEDD Adoption Report makes no mention of the 90 adoption forms deleted, and it created the scenario that there were “some/few” forms submitted by interested handlers. This was a cover-up and those individuals who lied to the Air Force investigators should be punished.

We believe this was an outright intentional slight caused by lack of respect by OPMG staff (who included former Military Police biased against the non-MP handlers). One OMPG staffer (contractor Robert Squires) took MWD Kyra5 for himself, and MWD Fistik and MWD Midnight were allocated to Pentagon staffers. Richard Vargus signed off on these two adoptions. Oddly, MWD Midnight went to the same female staffer who answered an email about MWD Gilek when a handler’s wife was searching for her. Thankfully, MWD Midnight was eventually reunited with his handler.

An update to our Air Force TEDD Adoption Report Rebuttal will follow after review of other pertinent info, and this will be submitted to the House Armed Services Committee and Air Force. We are not going away and will continue fighting for what is right.

Ryan & MWD Satan T383 REUNITED!


With heartfelt gratitude and respect, we would like to thank the adoptive family of Satan T383 for their compassion in reuniting Satan with his first handler Ryan Henderson. The Army’s OPMG erred in so many ways with the TEDD adoptions, and we are not giving up the cause for other handlers.

Ryan and Satan are now in Texas after a whirlwind roadtrip to pick Satan up in North Carolina. Thank you to attorneys Marilyn Forbes and Ashley Chase for their legal expertise, kindness, dedication, and determination in making this reunion happen.

Ryan has certainly been our most outspoken TEDD handler in trying to get his dog back. We hope other handlers will be encouraged and other adoptive families inspired in making these reunions happen. These handlers and MWDs deserve it.

Our team has adopted Ryan as our friend, and we are honored to have had a part in helping him.

Ryan and MWD Satan T383


Thankful for Reunion

Congratulations to Mark Stephens and TEDD MWD Maci1 R682, and a very special thanks to Chief John Green, Sergeant Drew Bishop, and the Franklinton Police Department in North Carolina for reuniting these battle buddies! The police department acquired Maci1 and another TEDD Toki back in February 2014 at the end of the TEDD program.

We pointed Mark in the right direction back in February 2016. Chief Green and his department have been incredibly kind to these handlers – we can’t thank them enough.

Our best wishes to Mark and Maci in her retirement!

Update on TEDD Adoptions

We just wanted to give our supporters a heads up on what has been happening behind the scenes.

In mid-March, we submitted our rebuttal to the Air Force Report on the TEDD Program Adoptions. Our contact at the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) has distributed it to the necessary parties, and from what we hear – more Congressional representatives are asking to read it. This 38-page document gave detailed rebuttals to the many claims by the Army’s Office of the Provost Marshal General and provided many links to our documentation on the adoptions. At this time, we have not heard back on our rebuttal, but hope it will have an impact.

Additionally, we are still awaiting the DoD Inspector General’s assessment of the TEDD adoptions that we expected in March. My contact at the HASC believes it will be released in the very near future.

One of the TEDD handlers, Ryan Henderson, filed a lawsuit in late April against the family who adopted his MWD Satan T383. We fully support Ryan’s efforts to reunite with Satan. While we are empathetic to the adoptive family, the truth is that they were well aware in late November 2014 that handlers were searching for Satan. We are hopeful that he and the family can come to a resolution on this matter.

The simple fact is that the dogs are not getting younger. As each day passes, it’s easy to get discouraged. We will not give up until every avenue is explored to get justice for these handlers. It’s in the hands of the DoD Inspector General, Congress, and even the courts at this point. We continue to reach out to the media, and they are also seeking interviews and stories from handlers.

We continue to hope that families and agencies who have these dogs will reach out to us or the handlers to give them the reunions they so deserve. While over 3 years has passed, these dogs will remember their handlers. And the handlers need closure to know what happened to their battle buddies.

Justice for TEDD Handlers is still made up of volunteers who are dedicated to doing what we can to find dogs for handlers (including those from the USMC IDD program) and hopefully at least get photos and updates – and yes, reunions.

Thank you for your continued support.

Update: Dino1 R598 (Franklin County)

We would like to express our gratitude to Anne Yeager with K9 Hero Haven for taking in former TEDD MWD Dino1 R598. He is one of the TEDDs acquired by Franklin County in February 2014 and sold by the county commissioners to a deputy in August 2015.

We are extremely thankful to this deputy for contacting us about Dino months ago and offering him to his former TEDD handler Brad. Unfortunately, Brad is unable to take Dino since he is still active duty, has a young child and lives in a small apartment. Dino has had aggressive behavior issues, which have ultimately created a need for the deputy to rehome him. His work as a police K9 handler requires that his current police K9 resides in the home as well.

Dino will be staying at K9 Hero Haven for testing and an evaluation due to having issues with aggressive behavior. He will also be neutered. Anne Yeager has been a wonderful resource to us and wants to make sure Dino is placed in the best home for him. She drove to pick-up Dino today, meeting the deputy halfway.

Anne has agreed to give priority placement to any former TEDD handlers who meet the following requirements: no children and no other pets. Other requirements may be placed on Dino’s adoption after his evaluation. If no TEDD handler is identified to adopt, K9 Hero Haven will open the adoptions to others.

We would also request that whoever adopts Dino keeps us updated with photos so that Brad and the deputy can see how he’s doing. If you are a former TEDD handler who is interested, please message us here or on K9 Hero Haven’s Facebook page.

If you are able to make a tax-deductable contribution to K9 Hero Haven to help them continue their mission with providing transportation and vet bills, we would be forever grateful. Thank you!