The 5 Missing Taylortown MWDs

To those who were given or bought the following 5 military working dogs by either Deon Fuller or Schirra Johnson in 2014:  Please return them now.



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You possess a military working dog who has been to war with a handler who desperately needs his battle buddy. The dog you have was acquired fraudulently, and we hope you will do what is right to reunite the handler and pup.

Prior to deployment and while training at Yuma Proving Grounds, Tactical Explosive Detector Dog (TEDD) handlers were advised that they would have the Right of First Refusal in their dogs’ adoptions after service. Emails received from a Freedom of Information Act request confirm this was standard protocol. In Afghanistan, when TEDD handlers again raised questions about adoption of their TEDDs from time to time, they were reassured that, although the specific procedures had not been worked out, the soldiers would have the ROFR once the dogs could no longer serve.

The Army should exercise the penalty for violating the agreement by assessing the monetary penalties for giving away or selling the dog. We are asking for each dog to be returned in lieu of the penalty assessment.

To date, only 3 of the Taylortown dogs have been located: Howard T453 (currently with his handler, Alex), Tessa R534 and Eno R602.

  • The woman who has Tessa R534 refuses to give her up and no contact has been attempted with her handler yet.
  • Eno R602 has been located thanks to a veteran supporter, and one of Eno’s handlers has been in touch with the woman who has him. However, there are other handlers for Eno. UPDATE 8/12/17: In the spring of 2017, Eno’s handler last spoke with the woman who had Eno and was told he had passed away. He was not told how or why. When he questioned her about it, she stopped responding.

    This is why we need to keep the pressure on getting these dogs returned. Accountability and consequences for those who are in the wrong. Our veterans – both human and K9 – deserve far better.

We have not been able to find any information on Mimsy R894, Kuta R624, or Panter T037.

Taylortown Mayor Ulysses Barrett stated in a recent article that the town “never sanctioned acquiring any police dogs… At that time, Johnson was the police chief and Fuller was an officer. They were told that we do not need these dogs. The adoption was not to the town but was a personal thing with them.” 


Mayor Barrett provided an invaluable clue: Schirra Johnson and Deon Fuller made the decision to “adopt” at least six MWDs (including Howard) for a “personal thing.” In other words, the Mayor declared that the decision to take dogs had no bearing on the Town of Taylortown nor its Police Department: it was solely, exclusively “personal.” Based on that knowledge, and knowing that Deon Fuller has none of the other MWDs in his possession based on his own comments relating to another TEDD Howard, also “adopted” in this group and now reunited with his handler Alex Reimer, it is time to address the requirements of the Covenant Not to Sue form, which states:

“Recipient further makes the promise that the MWD will not be used for any illegal purpose, police or security related activity, private business activity, substance detection either public or private nor be given or sold to another person in consideration of the transfer of the above described MWD to recipient by the United States Government and the Department of Defense, through its agents or representatives’ receipt of which is hereby acknowledged.”

We are asking that the House Armed Services Committee insist that the Army get these dogs back since they were acquired under false pretenses by Fuller and Johnson. We KNOW these men can reveal who has them. In addition, a source has revealed that Mimsy is now in British Columbia – how did this military working dog end up there? Was she sold and transported into another country? Are the others there, too?

MIMSY, KUTA, TESSA, PANTER, AND ENO should be with their handlers according to Robby’s Law. These war heroes and their handlers deserve, at a minimum, the Army to enforce their own requirements. There is no excuse.

Two men are linked to these dogs by the Mayor of Taylortown: Johnson and Fuller. Mayor Barrett states that these two men took these dogs for a “personal thing.” The Army must prosecute its own requirements for adoption. And, in order for this to become a priority, I would suggest that all the handlers and their supporters contact your Congressional Representatives with this information: Five dogs, now with people other than handlers, were adopted, per Mayor Ulysses Barrett, by Deon Fuller and Schirra Johnson. They know where they are and should be forthcoming with that information. Fuller admitted on Social Media he had possession of the dogs at one time; we eagerly await the assistance of Congress and any investigations that will resolve this.

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