Ryan and Satan T383

7/26/2017 UPDATE:  Ryan & MWD Satan T383 Reunited!

Ryan and retired MWD Satan reunited in July 2017. 



Sgt Ryan Henderson served with the 82nd Airborne, 1/504 PIR, 1st Brigade Combat Team and was deployed to Afghanistan in February 2012 with MWD Satan upon graduation of TEDD school. On July 18th, 2012, Ryan’s family was notified by his command that he had been injured during a mission with MWD Satan and required treatment not available in country and was in route to Germany. Another handler was also on this mission and assumed control of MWD Satan. He was separated from his dog while med a vac’d out of Afghanistan. As soon as Ryan woke up, he began asking nonstop for Satan to the point of being sedated and was pretty much kept that way until returning home to Ft. Bragg. From that point forward, he began his search to locate and reunite with his MWD Satan. Over the past 3 years, Ryan has been lied to – even at the Pentagon level. He was told that Satan was adopted by his 2nd handler, which wasn’t true. Satan now lives with a family in North Carolina who adopted him on February 19, 2014 from the Army’s Office of Provost Marshal General-hosted adoptions held at K2 in North Carolina. They have not been willing to communicate with Ryan at all. He has been threatened and intimidated by some who do not support having Satan returned to him.

Ryan submitted adoption paperwork for Satan shortly after he was injured. The dog should have been retired at that time per Robby’s Law, Title 10 US Code § 2583 (a)(2):

“Before the end of the animal’s useful life, if such Secretary, in such Secretary’s discretion, determines that unusual or extraordinary circumstances, including circumstances under which the handler of a military working dog is killed in action, dies of wounds received in action, or is medically retired as a result of injuries received in action, justify making the animal available for adoption before that time.”

Check out Bring Satan Home T383 to learn more and support Ryan!

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