Adoption Paperwork for 90 Soldiers “Deleted”

Last week, we received over 140 responses to a FOIA request for emails to/from US Army Office of the Provost Marshal General staff regarding the TEDD adoptions. This particular February 2016 email refers to the House Armed Service Committee inquiry. The sender states, “What I have been told is that the coordinating entity for adoption paperwork ‘deleted applications from T.E.D.D. handlers’ because they weren’t familiar with the TEDD program and thought it was a false application. I have been told there may be upwards of 90 soldiers affected by this error.”

Adoption Paperwork Deleted

We knew many TEDD handlers had submitted adoption paperwork. They told us in great detail of the steps they took to make sure the paperwork was submitted. They were lied to and ignored. No one could call the prospective adopter if unsure if the application was valid?

The Air Force TEDD Adoption Report makes no mention of the 90 adoption forms deleted, and it created the scenario that there were “some/few” forms submitted by interested handlers. This was a cover-up and those individuals who lied to the Air Force investigators should be punished.

We believe this was an outright intentional slight caused by lack of respect by OPMG staff (who included former Military Police biased against the non-MP handlers). One OMPG staffer (contractor Robert Squires) took MWD Kyra5 for himself, and MWD Fistik and MWD Midnight were allocated to Pentagon staffers. Richard Vargus signed off on these two adoptions. Oddly, MWD Midnight went to the same female staffer who answered an email about MWD Gilek when a handler’s wife was searching for her. Thankfully, MWD Midnight was eventually reunited with his handler.

An update to our Air Force TEDD Adoption Report Rebuttal will follow after review of other pertinent info, and this will be submitted to the House Armed Services Committee and Air Force. We are not going away and will continue fighting for what is right.