Adoption Forms Used

The MANDATORY and REQUIRED forms that should have been used:

The adoption packet clearly stated that TEDD handlers had first right of refusal of their TEDD. Yet those running the adoptions neglected to offer this to handlers who had called previously about their dogs, submitted adoption paperwork to OPMG, Lackland or the contractors, or emailed about adoption previously.

ADOPTION AGREEMENT P40-43 afi23-126_ip

Out-dated forms, no longer compliant w REQUIRED verbiage on the forms that were adopted by all military branches Рwe have confirmed that pages 12-14 of the supplemental section were NOT used/completed by adoption applicants. No training videos or critical commands to control the dogs were given to adopters.

OLD mwd-adoption

The Covenant Not to Sue form that was used by both law enforcement and civilians (black and white redacted versions, plus our comments in red):


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