Seeking Updates & Reunions

Are you a family or law enforcement agency who adopted a retired TEDD military working dog in 2014?

Families and law enforcement agencies adopted Tactical Explosive Detector Dogs during adoption events for law enforcement and the public organized by the U.S. Army’s Office of the Provost Marshal General and held at K2 Solutions in early 2014. Very few TEDD handlers were able to adopt their dogs during this time since the majority were not contacted.

Most TEDD dogs had more than one handler and had multiple deployments between 2010-2014. We are in contact with many handlers, but are still trying to locate others. We have helped handlers get updates on their dogs, and some have been reunited. Our team is grateful to those who have opened their hearts to giving handlers closure on what happened to their dog. Many had only minutes to say goodbye after spending day and night together for months.

These battle buddies did a dangerous job together finding explosive devices and were out in front of a patrol when on missions. They kept people safe and had to trust each other. The training they went through together helped them bond, and the connection they had kept them safe.

Jay Phinisey reuniting with his former TEDD MWD Toki R535 in 2016 in Frankinton, NC. Toki had worked as a K9 for the Franklinton Police Department since February 2014. Special thanks to Chief John Green for reuniting these battle buddies!

If you would like to share photos/updates about your dog or get in touch with his/her former handlers, or even possibly reunite them, we would be happy to help facilitate this. If we are in contact with one or more of the dog’s handlers, we can put you in contact directly or pass on information to them for you.

One option is for a family to create a Facebook group where photos and updates can be seen by only your dog’s handlers, while keeping your Facebook and contact information private.

We thank you for considering this important act of kindness toward your dog’s handlers.

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