Update: Dino1 R598 (Franklin County)

We would like to express our gratitude to Anne Yeager with K9 Hero Haven for taking in former TEDD MWD Dino1 R598. He is one of the TEDDs acquired by Franklin County in February 2014 and sold by the county commissioners to a deputy in August 2015. https://justice4tedds.com/the-franklin-county-6/. We are extremely thankful to this deputy for contacting us about Dino months ago and offering him … Continue reading Update: Dino1 R598 (Franklin County)

Boots and Collars domain acquired

In an effort to ensure that handlers have a centralized resource to utilize when searching for their military working dogs, we have acquired the expired domain of Boots and Collars (bootsandcollars.org), which ceased activity on their website and Facebook page in mid-2016. In the spirit of doing as much as possible for the greater good, we have redirected the domain to this website and welcome … Continue reading Boots and Collars domain acquired

Air Force Report on TEDD Program

We have received the Air Force’s report on the TEDD program from a House Armed Services Committee staffer. The report was required per the FY17 NDAA House Report 114-537, page 130. We dispute many¬†claims made in the report and have proof of the inaccuracies. Just a cursory glance shows us that the 40 TEDD MWDs “adopted by current/former handler” claimed is wrong. Two of the … Continue reading Air Force Report on TEDD Program

Rewriting TEDD History

TEDD HANDLERS who deployed/certified beginning in late 2012: Please take a look at this document linked below. It’s a response to a request by Senator Thom Tillis for an investigation into the TEDD program. Were you briefed by an OPMG representative on the adoption process during TEDD predeployment/certification training events beginning in late 2012? This could have been at VLK, K2 or in Yuma. The … Continue reading Rewriting TEDD History

DoD IG Assessment Announced!

On June 27, 2016, the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense announced an assessment of the Tactical Explosive Detection Dog (TEDD) Program Adoption Process. “The objective of this assessment is to determine if the Department of the Army complied with appropriate criteria for the disposition of Tactical Explosive Detection Dogs (TEDDs) at the time disposition of the TEDDs occurred, if the … Continue reading DoD IG Assessment Announced!