Ryan & MWD Satan T383 REUNITED!


With heartfelt gratitude and respect, we would like to thank the adoptive family of Satan T383 for their compassion in reuniting Satan with his first handler Ryan Henderson. The Army’s OPMG erred in so many ways with the TEDD adoptions, and we are not giving up the cause for other handlers.

Ryan and Satan are now in Texas after a whirlwind roadtrip to pick Satan up in North Carolina. Thank you to attorneys Marilyn Forbes and Ashley Chase for their legal expertise, kindness, dedication, and determination in making this reunion happen.

Ryan has certainly been our most outspoken TEDD handler in trying to get his dog back. We hope other handlers will be encouraged and other adoptive families inspired in making these reunions happen. These handlers and MWDs deserve it.

Our team has adopted Ryan as our friend, and we are honored to have had a part in helping him.

Ryan and MWD Satan T383