Update: Dino1 R598 (Franklin County)

We would like to express our gratitude to Anne Yeager with K9 Hero Haven for taking in former TEDD MWD Dino1 R598. He is one of the TEDDs acquired by Franklin County in February 2014 and sold by the county commissioners to a deputy in August 2015. https://justice4tedds.com/the-franklin-county-6/.

We are extremely thankful to this deputy for contacting us about Dino months ago and offering him to his former TEDD handler Brad. Unfortunately, Brad is unable to take Dino since he is still active duty, has a young child and lives in a small apartment. Dino has had aggressive behavior issues, which have ultimately created a need for the deputy to rehome him. His work as a police K9 handler requires that his current police K9 resides in the home as well.

Dino will be staying at K9 Hero Haven for testing and an evaluation due to having issues with aggressive behavior. He will also be neutered. Anne Yeager has been a wonderful resource to us and wants to make sure Dino is placed in the best home for him. She drove to pick-up Dino today, meeting the deputy halfway.

Anne has agreed to give priority placement to any former TEDD handlers who meet the following requirements: no children and no other pets. Other requirements may be placed on Dino’s adoption after his evaluation. If no TEDD handler is identified to adopt, K9 Hero Haven will open the adoptions to others.

We would also request that whoever adopts Dino keeps us updated with photos so that Brad and the deputy can see how he’s doing. If you are a former TEDD handler who is interested, please message us here or on K9 Hero Haven’s Facebook page.

If you are able to make a tax-deductable contribution to K9 Hero Haven to help them continue their mission with providing transportation and vet bills, we would be forever grateful. http://www.k9herohaven.org/donations.html. Thank you!


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