Adoption Paperwork for 90 Soldiers “Deleted”

Last week, we received over 140 responses to a FOIA request for emails to/from US Army Office of the Provost Marshal General staff regarding the TEDD adoptions. This particular February 2016 email refers to the House Armed Service Committee inquiry. The sender states, “What I have been told is that the coordinating entity for adoption paperwork ‘deleted applications from T.E.D.D. handlers’ because they weren’t familiar with the … Continue reading Adoption Paperwork for 90 Soldiers “Deleted”

Thankful for Reunion

Congratulations to Mark Stephens and TEDD MWD Maci1 R682, and a very special thanks to Chief John Green, Sergeant Drew Bishop, and the Franklinton Police Department in North Carolina for reuniting these battle buddies! The police department acquired Maci1 and another TEDD Toki back in February 2014 at the end of the TEDD program. We pointed Mark in the right direction back in February 2016. … Continue reading Thankful for Reunion

Update on TEDD Adoptions

We just wanted to give our supporters a heads up on what has been happening behind the scenes. In mid-March, we submitted our rebuttal to the Air Force Report on the TEDD Program Adoptions. Our contact at the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) has distributed it to the necessary parties, and from what we hear – more Congressional representatives are asking to read it. This … Continue reading Update on TEDD Adoptions