Air Force Report on TEDD Program

We have received the Air Force’s report on the TEDD program from a House Armed Services Committee staffer. The report was required per the FY17 NDAA House Report 114-537, page 130.

AF Report Cover.png
Air Force TEDD Adoption Report

We dispute many claims made in the report and have proof of the inaccuracies. Just a cursory glance shows us that the 40 TEDD MWDs “adopted by current/former handler” claimed is wrong. Two of the 40 actually went to non-handlers, as evidenced by the Freedom of Information Act responses we received. 

We will be reviewing this report with a fine tooth comb and sending a response back to the House Armed Services Committee. The Department of Defense’s Inspector General assessment provides recommended actions – and that is still a few months away.

THIS IS NOT OVER. We started our work on this more than a year ago and will continue until this is resolved. Updates will be provided as we have them.