Rewriting TEDD History

TEDD HANDLERS who deployed/certified beginning in late 2012:

Please take a look at this document linked below. It’s a response to a request by Senator Thom Tillis for an investigation into the TEDD program.

Were you briefed by an OPMG representative on the adoption process during TEDD predeployment/certification training events beginning in late 2012? This could have been at VLK, K2 or in Yuma.

The Army is claiming an OPMG representative informed all of these soldiers that if they were interested in adopting a TEDD, they should provide their contact information to the OPMG representative on-site at the training event. Furthermore, the OPMG representative informed the soldiers that they could express interest later through their chain of command, or by emailing the representative directly.

This doesn’t appear to be what we’ve discovered actually happened.

Please email us at if this pertains to you so we can get a consensus on if this claim is accurate. Thank you!